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Washed | Arabica Specialty Coffee

Washed | Arabica Specialty Coffee

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Renowned classic Colombian cup profile, soft and well balanced between body and acidity, a good allrounder and a favourite for daily consumption. 

This coffee is meticulously processed through the gentle washed method, where the ripe coffee cherries are carefully depulped, fermented, and thoroughly washed to create a clean and vibrant cup. The result is a medium-bodied coffee with a bright acidity, a delicate body and a soft residual flavor.

Cupping notes: Caramel, dried fruit, vanilla

SCA cupping score: 82-83

Region: Manzales, Caldas

Variety: Castillo

Processing method: Fully washed, low heat drying fuelled by burning the discarded skins of the beans

Altitude: 1300-1600 metres

Roasting level: Medium roast

Recommended brew methods: versatile, this coffee can be savoured using all brewing methods including pourover, full immersion, auto drip and espresso

Shipping Info

Shipped direct from the farm with Fedex to the USA, Canada and Europe (except Portugal and Spain due to import restrictions). For Colombian orders please Whatsapp us on: +57 314 618 7570

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