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Natural | Arabica Specialty Coffee

Natural | Arabica Specialty Coffee

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The natural coffee method, also known as the dry or unwashed process, is a traditional and environmentally friendly approach to coffee bean preparation. In this method, the coffee cherry is selected by color and float separation and goes through a 60-hour fermentation process before being drying with pulp and mucilage.

During the drying process, the cherries shrink and the pulp naturally breaks down, allowing the beans to absorb the distinct flavors from the surrounding fruit. This method imparts a rich and fruity profile to the coffee, often characterized by bold and robust taste notes. 

Natural coffee processing is favored by some coffee enthusiasts for its ability to showcase the unique characteristics of the coffee's origin and the influence of the surrounding environment.

The cup profile conveys flavors of wine, red fruits, notes of cocoa, high acidity, creamy body and a long residual with alcoholic notes.

Cupping notes: Cacao, malt, wine

SCA cupping score: 85.5-86.5

Region: Manizales, Caldas

Variety: Arabica 48

Processing method: Fully washed, low heat drying, fuelled by burning the discarded skin of the beans

Altitude: 1300-1600 metres

Roasting level: Medium roast

Recommended brew methods: Versatile, can be savoured using all brewing methods and pour-over methods, French press, or AeroPress can highlight specific tasting notes.

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Shipped direct from the farm with Fedex to the USA, Canada and Europe (except Portugal and Spain due to import restrictions). For Colombian orders please Whatsapp us on: +57 314 618 7570

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